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Payment Options

Home Care Advantage, Inc. provides the following payment options:

Private Pay

Out-of pocket payment (also referred to as ‘Private Pay’) involves using personal income and assets to pay for services and support, for either at-home or residential care. Income may come from a variety of sources: employment, pensions, social security, interest, dividends, as well as bank accounts, IRA’s, Certificates of Deposits, stocks, bonds, and real estate.

Individuals using insurance, such as long-term care insurance, are considered “private pay” since they are not being covered by a governmental program.

When coverage from insurance and other sources does not pay for your care in full, you generally have to pay the difference “out of pocket.” Be sure you understand in advance what your share of the costs will be.


PASSPORT stands for Pre-Admission Screening Providing Options and Resources Today. PASSPORT offers home health care and community-based services to individuals as an alternative to nursing home care. PASSPORT is funded with state and federal funds under the Medicaid Waiver III program.


The Ohio Home Care Waiver is a limited-enrollment, cost-capped program of home and community services for people with serious disabilities and unstable medical conditions who would be eligible for Medicaid coverage in a nursing home or hospital.

Home and community-based services waiver programs are operated under a special agreement with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which oversees and provides a large part of the funding for state Medicaid programs. Waiver programs are an alternative to care in an institution.

Veterans Administration

Home Care Advantage Inc. has a provider agreement with the VA to provide non skilled Home Health Aide Services to qualifying veterans.


Bureau of Workers Compensation